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Two more bronze for Nepal

The hope of winning gold and silver medals in wushu went down the drain after Alina Chaudhary and Jharana Gurung lost their semi-final matches against India. Alina was defeated  0-2 by Sonakher Devi in 48kg and Jharana lost by same score to Sandhya Devi in 6o kg sansau event in Sylhet. With the losses, both [...]

Victory in women’s football

Nepal defeated Sri Lanka 8-0 in a women’s football match played at Bandabandhu National Stadium on Tuesday.
Captain Jamuna Gurung scored a hat-trick.
Despite taking lead towards the end, Nepali women’s kabbadi team suffered a defeat in the hands of Sri Lankans 24-21. However, in the four-team kabbadi competition, Nepalese girls bagged their first medal in an [...]

Football dreams dashed

Except in judo, Nepal’s lackluster performance in 11th South Asian Games continued on the 4th day of the Games on Monday.
Nepal’s Rajan Joshi won a bronze in 100 plus weight category in judo. Joshi won against an Afghanistan player but lost to Pakistan and Bangladesh judokas.
In soccer, Nepal’s hopes of winning a semifinal [...]


More discouraging news for the Nepali team at SAG:
Bangladesh women’s kabbadi team defeated Nepal (33-10).
In men’s badminton, Nepal lost to India (5-0).
Pakistan defeated Nepal in men’s hockey (19-0). In the seventh South Asian Games held in Madras, India, Nepal had lost to Pakistan 22-0.

Old anthem played at SAG

The host of the 11th South Asian Games bungled while playing Nepal’s national anthem during the opening match of the badminton event at Paltan’s Gymnasium.
The organisers played the old Nepali anthem “Sri man gambhir” instead of the new one “Saya thunga phulka hami” at the ceremony. They said that they had no idea when and [...]

Surprise blow for India

India, everyone’s favorite to win in almost every sporting categories in the South Asian Games, suffered a surprise blow in men’s football from Afghanistan.
India fielded under-19 teams against Afghanistan’s under-23 at MA Aziz Stadium in Dhaka on Saturday expecting a clean victory but lost the game by a goal, scored by Afghani midfielder Belal Arizou.
Nepal [...]

Players injured

This news just in from
At least seven Nepali players including an official were injured in a hotel lift collapse in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka where they recently arrived to participate in the 11th South Asian Games (SAG) on Friday.
They were injured after the elevator they had taken suddenly broke down and fell rapidly from the [...]

Damage control

From Nepali Times issue #487 (29 Jan 2010 – 04 Feb 2010)
Nepal’s national hockey team will compete in the 11th South Asian Games in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which begins today. While other participants angle for a medal, our hockey players are thinking: damage control.
The reason is the team’s poor performance in the 7th SAAF games in [...]

“Gold will be difficult”

From Nepali Times Issue #486 (22 Jan 2010 – 28 Jan 2010)
Malaysian badminton coach Annamalai Sankar is in town for two weeks to train the Nepali badminton squad before it heads off to the South Asian Games. Nepali Times caught up with him on Tuesday:
Tell us a little about yourself and what brought you to [...]

Take our chances

From Nepali Times Issue #486 (22 Jan 2010 – 28 Jan 2010)
The 11th South Asian Games (SAG) are set to begin on 29 January in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As participating countries gear up for the tournament, Nepali preparations have been hindered by complications within the National Sports Council (NSC) and various sports bodies. And this only [...]            Wave