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Open and shut case

Despite the deepening deadlock and violence, disagreements on the constitution aren’t intractable.

Tarai metropolis

Population growth and migration are soon going to make the Tarai one long metropolitan strip stretching from Kakarbhitta to Banbasa. Already, traversing the¬†East-West Highway is like driving along an endless city. Tarai towns have spread their urban tentacles along the highway. It is difficult to tell where one town ends and another begins. The roads […]

Back on the road

Itahari – After the well-attended launch of People After War at Yala Maya Kendra on Saturday morning, we headed off on the third phase of our three-week exhibition tour. The highways are in a bad shape, but compared to April when we passed the same roads in the eastern Tarai, things are much calmer. There […]

Travels in Nepal’s Nepal

First posted on on 18 May, 2009 Now that it looks like we are going to have a government again, it is only a question of time that the current climate of normalcy along the highways of Nepal will soon come to an end. Sure enough, even as Madhav Kumar Nepal went to the […]

Abnormal normality

First posted on on 08 May, 2009 Hours after Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal submitted his resignation to President Ram Baran Yadav in Kathmandu on 4 May, highway blockades that had closed the country for two weeks were suddenly lifted. The Tharus called off their banda of the Tarai, the Limbuwans suspended their agitation […]

State of statelessness

First posted on on 01 May, 2009 We like to think that the most neglected and underdeveloped part of Nepal is the Karnali. But the eastern Tarai deos not fare much better. In just about every development parameter that you care to name, these districts between Bara and Morang lag behind the rest of […]

East side story

First posted on on 27 APRIL 2009 Here in Itahari, an important junction where the East-West Highway intersects the Biratnagar-Dhankuta road, there is no sign that anyone remembers the anniversary. For the past two months, Itahari has been crippled by continuous bandas, few vehicles have been plying on a major national road artery. First, […]