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Just justice

Reconciliation is not possible without truth and justice for the relatives of those murdered and disappeared ten years ago.

Children of war

The most vulnerable victims are still those who were children during the war. Purnima was 13 when the Maoists took her father, they tortured him by cutting off his leg, then they shot him. Her brother was also severely tortured, and is disabled. Purnima herself was forced to become a child soldier. Today 23-year-old, Purnima […]

Anatomy of a resistance

The young traders from Patan had started walking out at 8 o’clock on Friday morning to join the citizens’ peace rally at Basantapur, giving themselves an hour to get there. At Kopundole they found the main road to the bridge blocked by Maoists. There was a tense standoff, bricks were hurled, and some of the […]

“Peaceful banda”

A stern-looking woman with her hair tied up in a bun enters a pasal in Patan, and leaves a printed letter on the counter. The young girl reads the demand for Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000 to finance the Tesro Jana Andolan. The shopkeeper says she doesn’t understand. “What don’t you understand, haven’t you heard […]

We won’t forget

It was 6 September, 2004. Gyanendra Khadka had just spoken at a gathering of teachers and guardians of a high school in Jyamire of Sindhupalchok. Four men in shorts approached him, tied his hands behind his back and led him away. “We’ll bring him back in a while,” they said, brandishing a pistol. It was […]

देश जहीँको तहीँ

From Sanibar Nagarik : देश जहीँको तहीँ – कुन्द दीक्षित नेपालको राजनीतिमा देखिएको गाँठो फुकाउन कताबाट कसरी सुरु गर्ने भन्नेमा हामी महिनौं अल्झेर बसेका छौं। यसमा त्यति ठूलो समस्या हुनु नपर्ने हो। एउटा मामुली प्रश्नको उत्तरबाट को ठिक र को बेठिक भन्ने बुझ्न सकिन्छ — कुन राजनीतिक शक्तिले हिंसाको प्रयोग गर्छ र कसले गर्दैन? कुन पार्टीले […]

East side story

First posted on on 27 APRIL 2009 Here in Itahari, an important junction where the East-West Highway intersects the Biratnagar-Dhankuta road, there is no sign that anyone remembers the anniversary. For the past two months, Itahari has been crippled by continuous bandas, few vehicles have been plying on a major national road artery. First, […]