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200th Anniversary of Nalapani

Today is exactly 200 years since the Anglo-Nepal War broke out, representing the zenith of the Gorkhali expansion and a clash between greater Nepal and the East India Company. On 31 October 1814, 3,500 Indian sepoys and their British commanding officers attacked the Gorkha hilltop fort on Nalapani near Dehra Doon. Capt Bal Bhadra Kunwar was commanding […]

Better safe than sorry

To clean up Kathmandu airport we first have to clean up Nepal’s politics  What do the mostly avoidable loss of life in the Annapurna blizzard this month, the death of 75 people in highway accidents over the Dasain-Tihar holidays, and Tribhuvan International Airport being voted the third worst airport in the world have in common? […]

Where to be a Gurkha?

Singaporean authors ask why their country treats Gurkha commandos who defend their country so shabbily When Chong Zi Liang was interning at Nepali Times in Kathmandu 2009, he met young college students who looked and behaved like fellow Singaporeans, spoke English with a Singaporean lilt. But they were not from Singapore. They were sons and […]

After the storm

This week’s blizzard in the central Himalaya was a wakeup call to install effective early warning weather systems The devastating death toll from this week’s blizzard and avalanches in the Annapurnas has once more highlighted the urgent need for weather early warning for trekkers in the Himalaya. Till press time on Thursday, 32 people were confirmed dead in Manang and Mustang, with 85 still […]

Demography and democracy

Federalism is looking fraught, it may be wiser to address exclusion in the new constitution but leave state restructuring for later. In the political roller coaster ride we are all in, many of us haven’t fully taken in the implications of the results of the 2011 census for the new constitution. Last week’s Dasain holidays bore out […]

Children of war

The most vulnerable victims are still those who were children during the war. Purnima was 13 when the Maoists took her father, they tortured him by cutting off his leg, then they shot him. Her brother was also severely tortured, and is disabled. Purnima herself was forced to become a child soldier. Today 23-year-old, Purnima […]