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Racing with history

This is what it finally came down to. The most inclusive legislature ever in Nepal‚Äôs history was reduced to 600 or so members, some sloganeering, some snoring. Nepal did not meet its tryst with destiny on 27 May, it postponed it again. Political power had shifted long ago from Baneswar to Baluwatar, and its most […]

On deadline

After four postponements in four years, the political parties got together and once more tried to buy more time by extending the CA‚Äôs term by another three months. But the Supreme court’s stay order on Thursday has abruptly and dramatically changed the scenario. Now, there is no alternative but to pass a new constitution by […]

Harm reduction

And finally, after five postponements in four years, the political parties have got together and once more bought more time by extending the CA‚Äôs term by another three months. It isn‚Äôt an exaggeration to say that everyone is a bit relieved because the country was careening to the edge. This is not the best case […]

Damage control mode

Despite the deal on the constitution we face the twin dangers of a demagogue president presiding over a country disintegrating into inter-ethnic squabbles When things are as polarised as they are in the current constitution debate, and when all sides want all or nothing, any political compromise was sure to be unpalatable to many. And […]

Eye in the sky

Russian pilot of sight-seeing flight radioed Pokhara about the Seti flood and possibly saved many lives Captain Alexander Maximov used to fly MiG fighters in Russsia before coming to Nepal to work for Avia Club in Pokhara. On Saturday morning he had taken a tourist up the Seti Valley in his blue single-engined Ukrainian-made Aeroprakt […]

Himalayan Tsunami

What makes Nepal scenic is also what makes it so vulnerable to¬†earthquakes, avalanches, landslides and floods. Pokhara‚Äôs scenery, in¬†particular, is spectacular because the terrain is so vertical: the city¬†lies only 900m above sea level and the mountains rise to above 8,000m to¬†the north within a horizontal distance of only 35 km. Amateur videos of Saturday […]