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New dawn in Pokhara

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Even if you have seen a Pokhara sunrise many times, nothing prepares you for the sheer stupendousness (if that word doesn’t exist, it should) of a new day dawning over the Annapurnas.

Sarangkot now has traffic jams at sunrise, so we decided to go up to the World Peace Pagoda. We got there while it was still dark, there were police with walkie talkies and we wondered why there was so much security so early in the morning.

The stupa slowly glowed in the reflected light from the east.

The Annapurnas looked like they were still in slumber.

The Japanese monks arrived, with the rhythmic drumming for their morning puja.

The moon was straight overhead.

Machapuchre and Annapurna South got the first rays of the pink sun.

With the sun, there was commotion as the prime minister’s entourage arrived for a surprise private visit.

Water in its three forms: liquid, vapour and solid ice.

Japanese monk with canine helper.

Prime Minister’s best friend poses at the stupa, where he paid his respects and struck the peace drum.

As the morning wears on, the mountains appear dazzling in the sunlight.

We had just gone to see a sunrise, but didn’t know it was the 11th anniversary of the pagoda, Pokhara’s famous tourist attraction.

Few places on earth have such dramatic scenery.

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7 Responses to “New dawn in Pokhara”

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  2. Gyan Rai on Says:

    What a lovely country we Nepalese have, and what lousy leaders.

  3. BILL FRIDAY on Says:

    Look at the pictures above. Look at the Constitution. Look at the budget. Sometimes women solve problem better. And this is 15th round. RCP, Congress, other party leaders, voters – although Congress is continuing with RCP what about SK(female)?

  4. R RAI on Says:

    Fantastic pictures=thanks very much.I found the 3rd picture particularly appealing.

  5. chaitanya on Says:

    Thank you for the nice photos and the post on my hometown Pokhara!

  6. Portlander on Says:

    Did you guys hike from the north side in the dark?

  7. Diogenes de Nepa on Says:

    With deepest of respect for your work in journalism, I think you have not been up to par. Your words are great but I wish your pictures were so. I know your latest found hobby with the G10/11 (whatever that blackbox is), has motivated you a lot to be a photographer but alas a lot of work is required. Seriously!

    Socrates hit it home when he said; men had a certain inherent faculty that come out even finer with dedication. Your faculty of writing is one of the best in Nepali context; however you photography skills need to be improved drastically. I am not saying it is not possible. I know a thing or two about photography myself, and would recommend you more practice, esp. experimentation with various manual settings.

    I am not spreading hate, I worship quality. With such fine gadget and a bit of self-learning, you can produce masterpieces. Don’t let the old age fool you into thinking; carrying a stand and few filters here and there is too much for me. And I know, resources generally are not a question for you.

    Hoping to see better pictures soon!

    Best Regards,

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