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“Peaceful banda”

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

A stern-looking woman with her hair tied up in a bun enters a pasal in Patan, and leaves a printed letter on the counter. The young girl reads the demand for Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000 to finance the Tesro Jana Andolan. The shopkeeper says she doesn’t understand. “What don’t you understand, haven’t you heard of the Maobadi?” asks the woman in a threatening voice, and warns her to have the money by tomorrow, or else have her shop trashed. This is not a fancy store, it is a mom-and-pop kirana pasal. The girl looks at the other customers with utter terror in her eyes.

We saw it throughout the late 1990s as Nepal’s hard-won democracy degenerated into the messy horse-trading of coalition politics. Any time the kangresis wanted to dislodge the eh-maleys from power they punished the people by inflicting bandas. And when the kangresis got to power the eh-maleys would retaliate in kind. The Lalitpur Jilla Hulak, I remember, got it from both sides. When the NC was in power, the UML carried out todfod on its windows, and when the UML was in power hired goons of the NC broke all the windows. What the Maoists are doing now is no different, it just has the threatening edge of more extreme violence and bhautik karbahi.

Because a banda is the protest of choice for all big parties in Nepal, it is classified as a ‘peaceful’ form of protest even though it works by the use of terror. You spread the fear of a smashed windshield to ground all buses, taxis, private cars and motorcycles. You send goons door-to-door to threaten shops to close so that the banda can be declared ‘successful’ and ‘peaceful’.

Even bicycles aren’t spared. Today, a band of 14-year-olds manning a tyre barricade at Sat Dobato asked bicyclists to get off. I got off my  bicycle to push it around the Lord of the Flies kids armed with sharpened bamboo staves. Further on, I passed a tea shop to overhear Baburam Bhattarai telling an FM radio interviewer that this was a ‘non-violent’ agitation and it would go on until the prime minister resigned.

Out in Balwatar, the besieged Madhav Nepal seems in no mood to oblige. So, the country is headed for a long-drawn confrontation in which the more vulnerable sections of Nepalis will suffer the most. A restaurant that has been forced to close indefinitely and therefore has no income for the unforeseeable future is told to feed 500 people masu-bhat every night. A butcher in Kalimati had just killed two khasis, when a bunch of YCLs came and took the carcasses away. They gave the man Rs 2,000, saying: “So you won’t say we stole from you.” The goats actually cost Rs 6,000 each.

For the organizers, the problem with ‘indefinite bandas‘ is that after a few days the law of diminishing returns takes over. Frustration, necessity and boredom reach a critical threshold where it begins to overcome the fear factor. And when people start coming out despite the terror threat, it has a snowball effect as more and more people venture out. The organiser then has to quickly find a face-saving way to call off a banda lest it be labeled ‘unsuccessful’.

Some of the Maoist-mobilised masses themselves seem to have got too bored to stay. Sagarmatha TV on Sunday broadcast the scene of a long line of people who decided to head back to their farms to plant corn. So, today the Maoists have prevented other TV crews from filming at Thankot. Tempers are flaring even between the Maoist cadre, a fistfight broke at Shahanshah sports complex over turf and in Kalanki there was a heated exchange over rotten rice.

A bunch of Maoists entered the offices of an internet service provider and demanded rudely why they were working. “Don’t you know we have called a banda?” they yelled and threatened to close down the servers. Fortunately, they were in a hurry to join a julus, and till the time of this posting they haven’t.

Housing and feeding the andolankaris has won the Maoists no friends among the capital’s traders and middle class. A new block of apartments in Tahachal that had just been furnished is occupied by 2,000 karyakartas. Most hotels in Kathmandu are feeding between 500-1,000 out-of-towners bussed in for the banda because if they refused the Maoists would have demanded to be given rooms. A church in Jawlakhel, boarding schools, factories, have all been forcibly turned into dorms. No one is talking to the press about all this  because they are afraid.

The influx of so many people has overburdened an already crowded city. Water tankers are allowed to ply to quench the thirst of tens of thousands at the street sit-ins, and demonstrators have been seen drinking straight off the pipes. Many have fallen sick and there is the threat of a typhoid epidemic. Nepal Telecom reports it has detected a spike in 55,000 roaming mobile users since May Day, and this has meant that it is impossible to make a call.

Pregnant women, elderly sick and newborns all trudge to hospitals while blue-plated cars, journalists in yellow vests and Maoist vehicles, flying their signature red flags, zoom about the empty streets.

Monday afternoon there was a brief hailstorm as I bicycled back, the kids at the Sat Dobato barricades had all melted away as I took shelter under the awning of a padlocked store. I got home to hear the Breaking News on tv: “The second day of the Maoist indefinite banda passed off peacefully all over the country.”

2011 No Strike Logo, Kathmandu Nepal

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144 Responses to ““Peaceful banda””

  1. Annie on Says:

    What is needed is a Politican,Person who can stand up and say “Enough”. They need to get the people of Nepal and the world to sit up and listen. One who is not corrupt, selfish and arrogant.
    Somewhere in your great country there is such a person. A person of strength and courage, who will lead Nepal to a better life. You need to find that person. There has to be a true Political leader amongst your nations people, not like the ones that you have had for the last few years.
    I pray the people of Nepal can find this person, and soon.
    Nepal has the ability to be a rich and wealthy country if the right person is found.

  2. Urban Rebel on Says:

    Aite! Aite !Aite! Enough of crap. You love Nepal? Come to the streets, join the rally. Protest! Show everyone what we are. All MITs and Oxfords and Harvards – get your shoes dirty, for once decide what you want and make it happen. Don’t just sit in your room and type.. “this should happen and that should happen”. All those chickens… living ABROAD… don’t even type.. you don’t belong to Nepal.. so SHUT UP. We will do what we have to. One guy wrote “I say I am from Asia” .. good… You didn’t say Nepal coz you don’t have the right mate… So buzz off.
    It’s not yet over people! Nepal is not yet shattered! It’s now time to change. Choose who is right and who is wrong. If all the parties are wrong.. let a new one rise!
    Come Join the rally… don’t wait for Madan Krisna Hari Bansa to go “eieieie” .. we don’t have time for that… If this is your Kathmandu.. drive the corrupts out of here… If this is your Nepal.. drive the corrupts out of here.. LETS GO!!

  3. kirtipure on Says:

    Dear Kunda, you are in the right track based on your profession, social classes, and ideology. Everybody knows about you and your family business. KEEP IT UP, TRY TO VOMIT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

  4. Nostradamus on Says:

    …the hope for Nepal is to bring leaders like Gagan Thapa to the fore ….. he has the capacity to lead Nepal to better grounds….

  5. Narendra on Says:

    It is very unfortunate that our leaders in Nepal are very short-sighted. They don’t understand the dialects of civil society. What I see here is a poor handling and mismanagement on the part of our current Government for letting the situations come to this end. This Government should be held accountable.

    People don’t go to such extent for fun, obviously they felt they haven’t been heard, addressed so they have hit the road.

    Kunda, you have surely succeeded to enlist the misery of people in current situation but cleverly forgot to mention the hardship faced by the “demonstrators” themselves. What we should not forget here is that they are also part of our society, our fellow countrymen/women. Hence I would say your portraying the situation is only a biased copy-cat. No offence meant.

  6. Nick Sharma on Says:

    For once, Mr. Dixit- please see the writing on the wall. 7 days of peaceful strike ( by the Home Minister’s own admission)- from Mechi to Mahakali and not just Kathmandu and you still think it’s not a peoples’ movement???

  7. Mahesh on Says:

    Mr. Dixit.

    We are all getting it wrong, in fact, the culture of Bandha’s is a test tube concept thrown on us by the Powers To Be to save our planet and the Himalayas in particular from the clutches of climate change and what better way to do it other then calling it a peaceful protest. But, you cannot deny the benefits of a healthy bycycle ride amidst a non-existing crazy traffic of Kathmandu as the small gains of this Bandha – not forgetting the sizeable quantity of fossil fuels we might be saving and the resultant clean air everybody is breathing. I am sure the think-tanks of other Green Parties the world over are working overtime to measure this effect of Peacefull Bandh’s on our Planet Earth.
    In the meanwhile cheers and blessings to a few more days of inconvenience to all our benign and simple Nepalese who are famous for being taken for a ride…..

  8. Bashu on Says:

    Will anyone put hands up to address Annie’s comments. What about GAGAN THAPA.. this man should be speaking up now. He should stand when all of the Nepaleses’ basic right are being snatch away for straight 6 days by a party with totalitarian spine.

  9. Pramesh not now in Nepal on Says:

    1. Let neighbours and world powers negotiate us.
    2. Let us fight like Sri Lankan.
    Our choice

  10. Jana andolan on Says:

    It is not a peaceful bandh. It is just like a curfew. Maoist cadres are moving freely in the streets with weapon. You can not walk and talk whereever you like to walk or talk.

    Maoist has captured the colleges and schools and they are making these schools and colleges as a paramilitary camps.

  11. MASK on Says:

    @Norm : Glad to know that you have been reading :-)…

    “Its not about failed in history or how to implement this fossilized concepts. Its about being able to trade in capital markets with the globe today. ” – Fossilized concept.. he he. True but what is not mate? Capitalism?

    “If nepal is ever to do that it has to be … and i stress IT HAS TO BE a democratic free market economy”- Well my friend you need to reread my comments, if you had read well you would have understood , democracy has nothing to do with socialism and communism.

    “If you guys havent been living in a mud hut for the past 50 years, capitalism with a liberal and free economy is the future and will remain so for the next century” – I am just 27 years of age, so past 27 years living in MUD HUT and not 50, i dont know XYZ’s age and if he is been living in MUD HUT, ask him. Measuring your words you must be a very rich guy.

    ” i know India I have read India and i know exactly how its suffering from socialist side effects” – That must have taken a you along time.. you must be 50 i suppose :-)

    Anways people always have a difference of opinion, and i am not here to change it. The fact is even if you collect the worlds welath and distribute a share equally to each individual, after 10 years you will again have people who are rich and people who are poor, as everyone doesnt understand money and those who understand are rich those who doesnt are poor, and you must be the one who understands and that why you must be

    Apologizes for not being aligned with the topic..

  12. kancha on Says:


    Who are these people?
    What do they want?
    Do they want politician in this country?
    Do you think, these people are not familiar with ism and ideology?
    Do they wants to eat without doing any work?
    Do they need any allowance without doing any job?
    Do they ask donation from you?
    Do they create any pressure to you, come down to the street?
    Are they coming here to say give money to my CADRE ?

    Our Country is Very Beautiful with Honest people BUT In the name of political leader all of they are fox and try to finish our honesty. JUST HATE THEM. JUST HATE THEM.


  13. Bhava Nath on Says:

    We have single road- peace to peace not piece to piece.

  14. Tom on Says:

    Well written article. But the article you have written on “peacefull bandh” and most of the responses made to it are now becoming gradually irrelevant as the country has already become half a janagantrantrik Nepal. Thanks to Girja babu- a born communist and died also as a great communist – who successfully who led the most glorious revolution of transforming Prajantraric Nepal to half a Janagantrantrik Nepal in the guise of ” Sanghia Loktrantrik Nepal”. Maoist, taking of the previledges of 12 Points agreement are utilizing both jan sena and YCL to make not only the bandhs but also the remaining job of bringing a full-fleged janagantranta the most peaceful events . Given the ongoing unhindered activities of extortion, conversion of school and party palaces to make-shift dorms and many other similar activities; Government, congress and UML and other parties are boldly fulfilling their reponisibility as brave spectators in this process.

    Help the Maoist to make this bandh more peacefull by by peacefully and obidently following their diktats- give donations, close your business and shop etc, you are helping the Maoist not only to bring down the government from the streets and also to bring about a jana ganatantrik constitution in Nepal. Once the jana ganatantrik constitution takes its effects, take my words , this country does not need any further bandh because that constitution on its own is solution to all probems. Come the janaganatantrik constitution in Nepal not only your article but any other articles on bandh will be completely irrelelvant for once and all .

  15. subs on Says:

    incorrect labelling of ‘peacful’ bhanda is dishonest. its important to express dissatifaction but incorrect to forceful people to join them unwillingly. I think the maoist leaders should read mahatma ghandi’s autobiography throughly (as there is a danger of misunderstanding) then pratise it properly, if they want to label it “peaceful”

  16. rajesh on Says:

    I feel very pity on the guys who still are boasting something nounsense that, ” WE ARE THE SONS OF GORKHALIS”. So, where is that sprit when it comes to use it?

    What are you doing guys/junkies? You use to be heroes of your area; now that all has gone to hell and have now been accustomed to confined in your area and in your room just like a rat?

    Where is your attitude to fight back to something wrong?

  17. Annie on Says:

    To dear Urban Rebel,
    We are not allowed at present to book flights to Nepal, which Yes is your country. Be glad that people in the world care enough to at least address this problem in any way they can.
    No I am not Nepalese, I am Australian but I have family in Kathmandu, whom are Nepali and whom I love dearly, so do not tell me or the others to SHUT-UP.
    If you actually read my blog, it said to find the person who can help Nepal, and by the way, violence is not a solution.

  18. rise up on Says:


  19. ratna on Says:

    desle yadi change chaheko chha vane yo anayitik haruwaharuharuko jambo sarkarko hatnu nayi ho..
    hunata kohi pani tyahti var pardo ta chhayina. tar k garnu yasta khachhad makuneharuko sarkar hunu vanda ta banda garer dhalnu nayi thik chha.

  20. a supporter of democracy on Says:

    Well Kunda ji — it was Himal, yourself and your brother Kanak ji who gave so much importance to Maoist movement, and in fact, even supported their cause. There is a Nepali proverb – Challa khane le, mau pani khanchha — this is what happened now. Instead trying to bring the king and parties together, you were in pursuit of bringing parties and maoists which removed the monarchy (this does not mean I am supporting monarchy but I think was a necessary devil to protect democracy). You must have now realized the maoist intention. They were just playing with people like you to eventually establish communism. We all have to suffer now. I hope you will take my observation in good spirit. Thanks.

  21. WAIBA on Says:

    its not unusual! its so simple becoz you cannot expect to see Buddha/Gandhi in Prachanda! Threatening, Torture, Forceful Acts, etc. all fall under peaceful means while violence only reflects to death/murder in the dictionary of Dr. Baburam Bhattarai! so cool down everybody, its the culture of BASTARDS!!!! or if you have GUTS challenge these bastards!

  22. gg on Says:

    tapain thula raja ki sana raja re??

  23. P Norbu on Says:

    My heart aches for the people of Nepal and for those miss-guided youths (so-called Maoist cadre) who are being used as means/ways to get to the power! Our present coalition leaderships is nothing but a bunch of morons who failed to bring about the changes that public expected them to. All they have brought is confusion and indecisiveness. And the ones in opposition (Maoist) are meddling just to unseat the present government so that they can intimidate and dictate general public once they are in power!! The ongoing protest rallies are an example of it!
    To be very frank, all these political leaders are here for power and money regardless of party affiliation. You can judge that by rampant corruption in Nepal – corruption of power, system and law/order. Where did the MILLIONS of dollars that have been poured in by donor countries and other aid groups go? To the 16 hours of load shedding? To the jobless youths on the city streets? To countless potholes in the city street of ktm? Or to the roofless school buildings in the villages? Any doubt where iwent? Um..Into the deep pockets of those corrupt leaders (left and right)!!
    We have all heard parties preaching national unity and good governance. But in reality, all they have been doing is preaching their own party doctrines to further their goal of getting to power! Wish our political leaders are that persistent in uplifting the lives of the poor in remote villages. Why cant Nepal be a place where all have equal opportunities and where people can live in peace? Too much of the dirty politics has destroyed the positive vibe that we got after the democratic revolution.
    Even our judicial system is neither reliable nor independent. Courts – Punish the corrupts political leaders and fix the broken system. When will our youngs/youths use their heads and start walking away from all these politically clogged groups like YCL and other so-called youth wings? Future of our country depends on, if and when our youths take not just active but pro-active role in bringing about the social changes that is necessary. We need to work for a stable government with sustainable policies which could serve the general public. So, I urge our youths, not to run after bunch of morons/goons (political leaders) like a bull running after anything that is red!!

    Though a Tibetan (non-citizen), it’s still my home away from home and I always wish it well.

  24. Rabi Chamling Rai on Says:

    too many mixed reactions.. i believe it’s bcoz u’re too anti-maoist.. that i believe is also unprofessional of u.. lets try giving the story from both sides..

  25. Bashu Arya on Says:

    I agree with Anne. I am Nepal born Australian. I do love the contry of birth and contributing in many ways through financial donations to charity organisation and providing training to Nepal’s technical work force.

    People like Anne and I (all over the world) think we are bound by heart to say what is wrong or right in Nepal (say catastrophic event like the current Bandha) as we want to see Nepal become prosperous and that people lead a peaceful life.

  26. Annie on Says:

    Maybe Gagan Thapa is the answer, I hope so. He is young, fresh and intelligent.

  27. Deva on Says:

    The address by Prachanda today in the open air stadium was an open threat to all the affluent people of Kathmandu who took part in yesterday’s Durbar Square rally. His rantings reminded me of another such personality, Adolf Hitler!

    If the people of this country do not unite and oppose this growing threat, we are doomed for another couple of decades, and the country will be headed towards a terrible future!

  28. Mao on Says:

    Prachanda’s speech today was what Mao would have called “strategic retreat” the Maoists have retreated due to domestic and international pressure, but have in now way changed their spots. they have pinpointed where the weakness of the present movement were, who were the main organisers of the resistance and next time will be even more ruthless. It’s time to nip this in the bud. They are Gang of Four Maoists, not Deng Xiao-ping Maoists.

  29. omg on Says:

    This comment has been removed by the moderator.

  30. Mohan on Says:

    I savored this read.

  31. dhanu on Says:

    well, no day without night! what I can say is , Our country is infected with a kind of deasis..and this Generation (i.e. US) should find out the perfect cure for that. I think the question now is standing not about moist or some others..but the fact that our country is verymuch in need of “NEPALI LEADER” and not all these pirates..I dont think that the present disturbations took place suddenly, but this is the mistake that has been done 30 to 20 years before. Our Nepal needs to be educated first to cope up with todays world and which is not that easy that we all know. lata ko des ma gara uneducated country we are searching perfect leader which is not that easy job unfurtunetly.

  32. Madhu on Says:

    He really reminds us of Hitler. With Gestapo and Goebles.

  33. ashish on Says:

    bad bad bad so bad lots of people die, lost their, relatives , home by thinking that we will get peace but leader dont think so ; the divide people into tow group and use for their own shake ; some to be primeminister some to make ther periode long as possible as so its to bad . leader do not follow rules which they make and is it necessary to folloe it by common people why .did prachanda suffer from dihira, did he got any stick ,stone in his body.

  34. Prachanda kukur ho on Says:

    Well, where are the so called Human rights and ‘the re conciliator’ .. the great facilitator Padma Ratna Tuladhar now ? Why are all of them silent ? Either afraid or they are on Maoist looted money payroll. I hope you realize your own mistake of feeding the snakes Kunda ji.

    Now every one seems to be happy that the Maoists took back the banda … (they have shown mercy upon us, the wretched souls !). I think this is the lack of defiance in Nepalis, that makes us subservient to whoever is in power, first it was monarchy and now it is Maoists. Despite everyone’s resentment against them, all seem to be holding themselves back not to criticise, lest they have to face the wrath of maoists… I can understand the fear.. but Ma Ha’s confession that Maoists were so great because they took back their banda… is so hypocritical. They used to represent defiance in the monarchila times… Looks like they’ve grown old now ! Sadly..

  35. sandesha on Says:

    This comment has been removed by the moderator.

  36. Nepali on Says:

    Mr. Dixit,

    I hope you have a piece of press freedom now… you had well supported Mao’s .. please take your stand and believe in proper democracy. you along with other so called part time communist are responsible for this situation as well.

  37. Dr. Neupane on Says:

    A grossly illusory and amblyopic vision of a person considered to be one of the finest journalists in Nepal. Shame on you, Mr. Dixit!

  38. Devendra Yadav on Says:

    Hi Kunda,

    Thanks for the touching and true analysis of the on going problem. Really its honest explanation but here only the problem doesnt stop and here only ur analysis shouldnt reality the nation and the people today need the solution not the analysis of the problem. in my opinion being the proud citizen of the country this is the tasting time where we need to prove that we are the real son of this nation and its our nation.So its my humble request to the true nationalist to come out with the opinion of solution and save the nation.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Devendra yadav

  39. @PRadyumna on Says:

    1. People wanted change after 2nd janaandolan.
    here change is a vague term … change like what? and has it happened or even the political parties have thought about it .. naya nepal vaneko ta desh tukarney vako cha….. i just want sundar shant NEPAL
    2.People ( as seen) voted maoists as a largest party, with the hope of change come true..
    haha aru party ko karyakarta kutney, khutta vachney, gaun gaun ma jabarjasti vote dina launey (was it fair)
    in cities I do believe ppl vote to see what maoists are made of
    3. Madhav Nepal has been rejected as a good leader by majority of people, they never want Mr. Nepal to be a PM.
    Prachanda was the main reason Makuney is now PM
    4. Madhav Nepal does not deserve to be PM and his being PM is against the people’s wish of change.
    people has nothing to do with it … all the taukeys chose him
    5.Madhav Nepal knows very well, this is the ending of his time in politics, after he resign, he will be lost from whole political scene.
    i think u hav personal issues with emaley
    6. Madhav Nepal never wants to resign from post.
    Who does? Prachanda? Sher bdr deuba? all are same
    7. People’s verdict goes against Madhav Nepal and if people stay silent, why would Ma Ne Resign?
    it was clear already that people dont want Makuney ….
    8.So, people said, Madhav Nepal,you are not our choice..but no one would hear that.
    as if maoists listened to our pleas to stop hatya and hinsa
    9. That is pity in Nepal, untill and unless there is a bang, no one would give attention to it.
    U r YCL (Young Criminal League) ……… 100% proven
    10. So after a year, if maoists are trying to create that bang and take out Madhav Nepal, that is fine. Why do we support Madhav Nepal who cant bring change, who has lost election ?
    Prachanda could not handle the pressure or there was something inside… people have not supported Makuney
    11. If you have any solid ideas on how to take MAdhav Nepal out and restore the multi party government matching with people’s verdict, tell it to media, tell it to people. Else, if silence and peaceful protest causes madhav nepal to ignore it and continue his game, what is another alternative to halting everything, creating a bang, and alerting or throwing away madhav nepal ?
    It is clear that Maoist don’t want to go to jungle anymore…. they just want SATTA………and u damn YCLs aru lai tharkai tharkai khaney bani basyo
    U guys are useless to youth force … dont blame on politicians only…get ur azz off and work as we people do (u r not Nepali janta….u r ragat chusney chor)
    Just MAoists are doing a mistake, they understand all things, but they are creating bang in peoples workplace, houses and business. Actually they should create bang in madhav nepal’s PM quarter and halt his business and if needed, living and life. LEt the foods not enter his quarter, let the cars and people not enter or exit his quarter a. I really doubt if Maoists have got that guts as well.. No one stands for people, they are standing against people and not against the villians like madhav nepal or Bhim Rawals.

    Y r u so interested in creating BANG……..Banduk ley samasya samadhaan huncha bhanney sochai is totally wrong
    U guys are like tanga wala ghoda …. u just look atraight .. dont care what is happening in the surrounding … and dont want to know urself
    Nepal aama ko ragat chusney timiharu ko kahiley pani kalyaan hudaina


  40. Deva on Says:

    I thought that this article by Kunda Dixit was quite balanced and displayed his sincere concern for basic fundamental rights of an individual, as also the exceses in which the Maoists are presently engaging themselves in – all in the pretext of fighting for the “People”. Kunda’s attitude during the the anti monarchy period was lopsided and did not reflect any degree of wisdom as his entire approach was aimed at appeasing the Maoists.

    It is not Kunda Dixit I have a grudge against, but people like Kundan Dixit, Padma Ratna Tuladhar, Devendra Raj Pandey, Krishna Pahadi, and Daman Nath Dhungana and the likes, who are very conspicuous by their absence in upholding basic human rights and individual freedom issues. It just shows how false their previous positions were. Shame on you people!

    The Maoists are attempting to hide their guilt by shouting against the people of the Valley. They are attempting to raise the morale of their grass root workers by bombastic claims and vicious verbal broadsides. This in the long run will work against them. They have been exposed and will be further isolated from the people. We should however be careful lest we help in propelling another Pol Pot, Stalin, or Hitler from the Himalayas!


  41. annie on Says:

    Well the bandha has been stopped, due to the Maoist feeling for the Nepali people.
    Their concern is a bit late!!!!!
    Their peaceful strike, is still ” VERY PEACEFUL”.
    I read about the nine year old boy they bashed for riding a bike, who was in need of medical attention after they finished. I am sure this nine year old was a terrible threat to them! Shame, shame , shame.
    I read about the woman taken to Pokhara hospital, where she gave birth to a healthy child, but due to the strike could not return home. The child and mother had to live on the street outside the hospital for three days, begging for food, before finally being allowed to go home. This mother and child must have also been a huge threat to the Maoist movement.Shame, shame, shame.
    People of this world must be wondering what is happening in Nepal. They will be too afraid to venture there because of all the unrest in the last years.
    Pity, because they will miss the beauty of the country and the “Real” beauty of it’s people.
    May gods bless the true and peaceful Nepali

  42. ASHI on Says:

    i wonder where kundan dixit was when emmergency was declared in nepal and we had to wait for 3 days to reach 100kms from the valley..where was dixit when the military harrassed the local passengers in the highway, where was dixit when the ROYAL ARMY was entering people’s house at 2 oclock in the morning…so much for ur PEACE THEORY PAL…Are you an ESCAPIST or wat???you seem to be a populist, for you want to sell your article by acting smarties on current issues.
    commericla WRITING…nothing else..go start writing for a fashion magazine..

  43. tenzing lama on Says:

    like maubadis mr kunda and the himal media are the same.. bfore mr kunda wrote in favor of the maubadis and now after the vandalism and personal loss/vengeance mr kunda decided to write against maubadis… please write what is actually happening in nepal .. personal feelings in this profession is totally unacceptable.. and being a writer please make your stand…as for us these articles are the only form of connection and explanation as to what is happening back in nepal.. so please .. respect your profession and relate to us as to what is actually going on in nepal and what seems to be the intention…

  44. Shubhanga Pandey on Says:

    Dr Neupane,

    I would love to see examples of ” grossly illusory and amblyopic vision” in the article. Could you please locate some specific instances?

    Also I fail to see any philosophical meanderings in the blog. I would infer that his was a genuine inability to reconcile his understanding of “peaceful protest” with the popular labeling of this protest as “peaceful and non-violent”. I hope to see a factual refutation and not a ideological defense.


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